Deer hunting outfitter specialized in musk ox trophies

About Major Hunting

Deer Hunting Outfitter Greenland Crew

Deer hunting outfitter specialized in musk ox trophies

You love the outdoors!

You love the excitement when you sneak up on a game, when rifle or bow hunting.

You love the beautiful nature and quiet surroundings, when angling.

But you want more!
Come hunt with us, in a place you never been before. Come to Kangerlussuaq for hunting or angling near Maniitsoq.

The owner of Major Hunting, Tobias Gredal, has been hunting and angling his whole life.
For 12 years Tobias has been living as a permanent resident in Greenland.

The birth of Major Hunting
When Tobias discovered the untouched hunting areas of Greenland, his first thoght was to make sure other people would get the same eye opener. This is how Major Hunting was born, and over the years, we have arranged high class trophy hunting tours and arctic char tours.

Your primary concern when joining our tours will be to forget all about every day life, and focus on an active hunting holiday.

Safety in the beautiful surroundings
When hunting or fishing, you will experience great nature and get the feeling, that you are the only people on the planet. A lovely feeling.

But if something happens, you will be in safe hands. On all hunts and expeditions we will have a nurse specialized in Arctic emergency care and treatment, and educated in Arctic Rescue from Norway.

If you love bow hunting, we were the first to offer this in Greenland. In corporation with the Ministry of Fisheries and Hunting, we got the approval for bow hunt in Greenland.

Learn to sing in greenlandic
When you visit us, we will be living together in a camp.
We speak english, sing greenlandic and furthermore speak danish, norwegian, swedish and german fluently.

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