Extreme bowhunting

Extreme Bowhunting near the Greenlandic Icecap

extreme bowhunting for musk ox in greenland
greenland is the place for extreme bowhunting

The owner of Major Hunting, Tobias Gredal always liked the bow and arrow. 

On his initative, hunting with bow in Greenland, became real, when the Ministry of Fishing and Hunting in 2012, gave the permit to hunt with bow and arrow in Greenland. 

In 2012, the first ever commercial musk ox trophy was shot by a Major Hunting guest.

The historic moment was captured – see it on this page, and more hunting videos in our Youtube Channel.   

If you want to hunt with bow, we arrange the permit along with all other permissions. We transport you and your equipment from the airport in Kangerlussuaq, to the basecamp, by helicopter. 

See more about prices and the camp in the links on your right.  

Watch the first test hunt in Greenland

In the video below, you can see the first ever test hunt in greenland, using bow and arrow to hunt musk ox & and reindeer. 

The test hunt was succesful and in 2012 the first commercial bow hunt in Greenland was a reality.

If you decide to come bow hunting with us, you can expect a week of hunting luxury. You are guaranteed 1 musk ox and 2 reindeer trophies.

We care about the environment, so we strive for sustainable hunting.

The meet will be used for meals in the camp. Let over meet is used beef jerkey & sausages and will be sold to local greenlandic people. 

If you have a look at our Youtube Channel, which you can go to by clicking the button below, you can see the first commercial bow hunt and other hunting videos, where our guests have shot musk ox and reindeer trophies. We hope you will enjoy the videos and the homepage. If you decide to book an extreme bowhunting or rifle tour with us, we will make sure you will get the trip of a lifetime. 

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