Extreme hunting


Above and below you find a gallery from the extreme hunting experience in our trophy hunting base camp. Enjoy!

The Hunt

Nature – silence and excitement

What is the perfect hunt for you?
Some find it to be the silence and greatness of the landscape. Others the exitement of finding the animal – sneek up and shoot. Maybe you find it to be the exact moment when you pull the trigger and instantly get the result. Did you shoot to high, or did you hit it spot-on? 

Personally we have a hard time explaining the perfect hunt, since there are so many factors, which that can decide. But when hunting for musk ox close to the icecap, we have to point out the surroundings to be a major asset of the extreme hunting experience. 
As a hunter you are all alone with the animals. There is no city, no lights, no phones, no nothing. Our only contact the outside world is a satellite phone. You can focus 100% on hunting down the trophy and bring it home.

Our way of making it a perfect hunt for you is to make it a holiday and not a physical nightmare. You do not have to be in perfect shape to go extreme hunting with us. 
We transport you from the camp to the hunting area in a boat. Because there is a great population of musk ox and reindeer trophies, you will not have to walk far before being able to take your shot. 

The trophy will be transported by our guides back to the camp. You just relax and enjoy the walk and the boatride. 

Below you will find a gallery, showing the experience, as our previous guests have seen it. 

On our Youtube channel you can get even closer to the feeling of being on a hunt with us. Click on the Youtube icon below to see the extreme hunting movies from our hunting area in Greenland. 

The Trophys

Depending on which package you choose, you can expect to bring home 1-3 trophies. 

If you choose the small package, you will bring home 1 musk ox trophy. 

If you want the whole extreme hunting experience, you can choose the big package and bring home 2 reindeer and 1 musk ox trophy. 

Below, See a gallery of some of the trophies, shot by our previous guests. 

The Camp & surroundings

You will live in a tent camp, together with the guides. You will have your own tent so you can get the privacy you require. 

The camp is situated right next to a big lake, so whenever you need water of even a quick swim, it will be only a throw of a stone away. If you want to see more from the camp, you can go visit our Youtube channel, where we have made some moves from the hunt and also showing the camp, tents and lake. Just click the Youtube button below the gallery. 

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