Fishing lodge holiday in Greenland

Practical information

Fishing lodge holiday

The camp

Arriving from Maniitsoq you will join the camp at the end of the river. 

The camp consists of 3 cabins. 2 sleeping cabins and 1 common area cabin, with indoor kitchen. 

There is also and outdoor kitchen and outdoor common area. 

There is running drinking water in the kitchen, supplied from the clean river. 

After a day of angling, you can relax in the homemade ourdoor bathtub, where you can enjoy the incredible view over the fiord. 

The camp for your next fishing lodge holiday


During your fishing lodge holiday in Qôrqut there are
10 easy rules to remember when angling. 

  • 1. Single hooks and one hook only. Trebles are potential troublew and multiple hooks are for snaggers.
  • 2. Always barbless if you are fishing in the river. Pinch the barb on barbed hooks. Barbless hooks, hook well and holds fine but unhooks indefinately much easier. If you cannon catch fish in this way you are an incompetent angler.
  • 3. Gear up for what you are catching. Match rod weight, reel size, tippet strength and hook to the size and strength of your quarry. Fishing too light prolongs fighting times and leaves broken off fish with hooks in them.
  • 4. Fight and land fish as quickly as you can - within a few minutes if possible. A fresh fish manages much better after release.
  • 5. Unhook the fish in the water if possible. Simply grab the hook and slip it out.
  • 6. Make optional photo, weigh and measure sessions as short as possible. Handle fish as little and as carefull as possible keeping them on wet weed, damp grass, in the net or on a similar surface.
  • 7. Kill the fish that is fatally injured as soon as you have them in hand. Unhook and take pictures later. These fish are for eating. Never throw dead fish into the wild.
  • 8. Avoid beaching the fish and keep fish off gravel and dirt. Use a knotless landing net if you are not comfortable using your hands.
  • 9. Make sure released fish swim readily and vigorously before letting them go. Hold tired fish upright in the water facing any current until they flap their tail and swim. Even in uncomfortably cold water.
  • 10. Use common sense, empathy and consideration when fishing, catching, killing or releasing - and ALWAYS follow local laws and rules.
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