Fly fishing Greenland and spin fishing for arctic char in the river of Qôrqut


How much would you pay to be able to fish at daylight, but at 2 in the morning? 

In Greenland you will not find darkness during the summer. If you come fishing at our camp at the Qôrqut river, you can go fish anytime you want. 

One hour south of the greenlandic city of Maniitsoq our fishing camp is situated. You can come here for fly fishing & spin fishing for arctic char. 

When booking a fishing trip with us, we guarantee you an adventure of a lifetime.

For 3 weeks the arctic char stay in the river of Qôrqut. Your fishing paradise is secured and even if you never fished before, you will go home disappointed if you do no catch at least 10 arctic char during your stay. Catching them is of course one thing, holding on to them is another. 

During your stay, you will sleep in the camp, 100 meters from the river. You will be able to cook your own food in the indoor kitchen, situated in the common area.

After a long day of fishing you can open a bottle of your preferred liquids and jump into the homemade spa. Sit back and relax and enjoy the view.

If you can get your friends to keep quiet from talking about their great catches, you will be able to enjoy the complete silence  in the outback of Greenland. It is impossible to describe in words, so let us show you when you come to Greenland. 

Fly fishing greenland campsite with hot tub
Brilliant colours on the arctic char when fly fishing greenland

Angling Qôrqut

Included (per person)

  • Unlimited amount of char
  • Boat roundtrip Maniitsoq to camp
  • 6 nights at camp
  • 3-5 hunting days depending on group size
  • Permits
  • Government fees
  • Educated staff

Not Included (per person)

  • Roundtrip flight to Greenland
  • Hotel overnights in Maniitsoq
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tipping
  • Travelling & cancellation insurance
  • All that was not described under "included"
  • All prices are per person

Fly fishing Greenland

Prices change according to season Please contact us for exact prices

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