Great fishing spots in Qôrqut


Below you find a gallery from the angling camp and the great fishing spots in the river of Qôrqut.

The camp

Arriving from Maniitsoq you will join the camp at the end of the river. 
The camp consists of 3 cabins. 2 sleeping cabins and 1 common area cabin, with indoor kitchen. 
There is also and outdoor kitchen and outdoor common area. 
There is running drinking water in the kitchen, supplied from the clean river. 

Very close to the camp, you can find big and fresh blue mussels, that you can prepare for dinner together with the char you have catched during the day. 

You will also find a smoke oven, which you are more than welcome to use. 

Close to the camp you will find our homemade toilet. All by yourself, you can enjoy the great view to the fiord. 

After a day of angling, you can relax in the homemade ourdoor bathtub, where you can enjoy the incredible view over the fiord. 

Great fishing spots

The River & The Char

The river of Qôrqut runs out into the fiord situated on the west coast of Greenland – close to Maniitsoq and the small settlement of Napasoq. 

During your stay, the river is not only a great fishing spot. It is also live giving because of the clean water. Whenever you feel the thirst coming up, the clean water is drinkable and cold – perfect for a hot summer day. 

The char are in a very exslusive league. Weighing up to 5 kilograms, the char are among the biggest in Greenland.
The inside meat of the char is pink/red like rarely seen, giving you a healthy fish and a tasteful meal when cooking it in camp. 

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