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Hunting holidays with Major Hunting in Greenland

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Luxury hunting holidays for all ages

You will have great expectations when you book an adventure like the hunting holidays we offer you. 

If you in any way do not feel that the information on this website is enough, you MUST contact us.

We do not collect unhappy customers. We want you to be happy before, during and after your hunting holiday in the greenlandic outback. 

Just like you, our passion is hunting. We hunt to get our minds of our every day rutines. We hunt to get a great nature experience and breathe the very clear air Greenland has to offer. 

If you arrive to the airport of Kangerlussuaq with questions unanswered, we have are not satisfied with our information level, prior to your departure from your home country. 

When you come here, permits are ready. We can go hunting as soon as you have checked into the camp site. Usually we wait until the day after, because you will have a bit of jet-lag to get rid of first. 

Safety is very important to us, so therefore we recommend you to get a good night sleep before the first shot. 

When the day of the first hunt arrives, you will have a full stomach, great weather and a group of guides who are ready to serve and guide you during your entire stay. 

We walk with you and help you find the animals. Once you have shot the trophy, we will quart and carry the animal for you to the camp. 

Since we will stay in the outback of Greenland, there is no mobile phone signal. We have a satellite phone in the camp and on during the hunts. You will get the number for the satellite phone, before you leave your home address, so your loved ones will be able to contact you, in case of an emergency. 

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