Hunting Tours 

Practical Information

Safety first on all hunting tours

Safety first.
We always carry advanced first aid equipment to be used of trained paramedics with special training in the Arctic emergency care and treatment and Arctic Rescue.
Every hunting party carries portable GPS, maps and satellite phones for extra safety when ever hunting.
We travel only in approved vessels and complying with all procedural and ethical rules for a good hunt.
Our tours sets the benchmark standard in Greenland, so enjoy.

The camp

This hunt is for a party of 2-4 hunters.

The staff is very experienced, and you will have the best service available.

There is always: one outfitter, one chef, and one guide for every hunter, making the staff minimum 3-4 if you want to be a solo hunter – and up to 6-7 staff members if you are a group of 4 hunters.

Non hunters are also welcome.

In 2019, we welcome you to a new campsite, situated elsewhere than the campsite you see in our Youtube videos. 
We are exited to show you the new area and will bring all equipment from the old camp – tents, kitchen etc

Watch presentation of the old camp in the below video, to get an idea of the equipment. 

outdoor hunting tours in greenland

The Trophy

Nothing is left behind
Once the trophy has been shot, our guides will preparate it, and carry it back to camp. 

Nothing will be left behind, so we offer to make beef jerkey of the meet that you will not bring home. 

Convervation of the Trophy

We work with Diana Taxidermy
who are one of the best and most experienced in Denmark, and with many international awards.

You can be sure that the end product will become world class.

We have specially chosen Diana because they have considerable expertise in international transit and import regulations.

Payment for taxidermy is between you and Taxidermist.

Shipping of Trophy?

Blue Water Shipping can handle the shipping.

We/they can assist you with all matters relating to transporting trophies, regardless of country of origin or final destination, including insurance, veterinary documents, etc.

Payment for shipping and veterinary is not included.

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